Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A very special finish

A very special finish

In 2008 my mom gave me my first sewing machine (her Bernina 500).  My mom was always quilting as long as I could remember so it was an honor to get such a gift.  During that year I started going with her to quilting shops and looking at patterns.  At  that time I was pretty busy teaching and tutoring and getting my masters so I didn't really have time to take classes.  My mom taught me about using a rotary cutter, piecing and all the other essentials needed to quilt.  

I ran across a set of patterns on one of my outings with my mom and fell in love.  I would go back to my LQS each month and get a different Garden Patch Cat.  These patterns were applique so this was very new to me.  It took me until last month to finish all the blocks.  That is a long WIP!!  I am so excited that it is finally finished! I hope you enjoy the finished work of art.  

Trying a new way of basting a large quilt.

Can you tell I love pins!  
Using office clips works!
Walla Walla Kitty.
Love how this thread turned out! 
Yammy Cat. 
Concentric circles
Stalker cat.

I found this design online.  Sorry I can't remember link. 


McTavishing design.

More circles.


Hard to see but an interpretation of paisley. 

Eggplant Purr-mesan

McTavishing and feathers.

Goudo Gato 

My favorite design yet! McTavishing and circles. 



More Mctavishing and swirls!

Kitt'ney bean cat. 

Finished product!
There were so many things that I learned with this project and could create many different posts.  Hopefully in the next coming weeks I'll be able to share more of my insight.  

My goal for the rest of the month is a baby quilt and to start my pieces for the state fair. 

Until next time,

Thursday, May 29, 2014

May finish!

May Finish!

I am so excited to share my May finish.  Although it is a few weeks late, it is finished.  

This quilt is a cotton quilt panel from Joann's.  My friends theme for her baby was rain forest animals, but after a lot of looking I decided this was a fun design.  
I did most of my FMQing on the elephant, sky, leaves and border.  I mostly outlined the other animals. 
Elephant trunk took a lot of time to add the texture.
 The main reason for outlining the animals and giving the elephant the most texture is that I wanted to add more definition to the elephant and leave the other animals puffy.  I love how it turned out.  
Outlined the main leaves. 
All three textures that I added to the elephant. 
Mctavishing FMQ stitch added to the ears. 
Wind currents.
More wind currents. 
Closeup of the sky. 
Finished product. 
 I love how this quilt turned out.  Even though there were many parts that took longer than expected, it was well worth it.  

I'm glad that I didn't do a to-do list this month because this is all that I have accomplished. However I feel obliged to write down my goals for June (I hope this will motivate me to finish them all!) 
June goals
-Finish March, April, May and June paper piecing project from Quiet Play.
- Finish last 2 cats for moms quilt
-Finish moms quilt
- Make bubba her quilt

I think that should keep me busy for awhile. I have plans to start at least one of my projects for the state fair in September.

Here's to more posts in June! 

Until next time, 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Saturday Finish

A Saturday Finish

Almost a month has gone by since I last blogged.  I can't believe how much I have missed! I been busy with my daughter, baby showers, exercising and life in general.  It seems that once spring comes I just can't devote as much time to quilting.  I have been working every night on this beauty.

Although I loved designing the cute little monkeys that are in the quilt, quilting the outside border took forever! I spent at least 4-5 hours on each side.  

This little design took forever! 

Swinging monkey
Hanging monkey
Peek-a-boo monkey
Cute material I found for the back! 
 For the binding this time I integrated the materials that I had used in the quilt top.  I loved 
how the colors went together.  

I hope you enjoyed this finish as much as I did.  Just finished ironing my next baby blanket.  Deadline for this one has been pushed up and should have been finished two weeks ago.  
Until next time,

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Finish....well a previous finish

Finish....well a previous finish

It's been about a week and a half since I had this finish but I wanted to be sure that the recipient didn't see it beforehand.  Word is that she loved it and there were requests for me to make quilt for people.  What a compliment that is!  Hopefully after the next state fair I will be ready to sell my quilts and accept requests.  Hope you enjoy this finish!

I unfortunately had a lot going on this month and didn't finish everything on my list.  I will do my update on Tuesday and hopefully be able to share my latest finish.  Hope you all have a great day! Until next time.